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Laptop and James Kiker - player handouts

You can decipher some of the abbreviations and acronyms to mean that there is a history in the family of:
- Sickle Cell Anaemia
- Leukaemia
- Various types of Thalassaemia (haemoglobin defect associated with malaria resistance)

There is also a choice of boxes to tick which seem to be:
- Definitely has AIDS
- High Risk of having AIDS
- Low Risk of having AIDS
- Vitamins given
- Antibiotics prescribed with/without initial injection
- Anti-malarials prescribed with/without initial injection
- Anti-yellow fever prescribed with/without initial injection

Instructions on what to do with the blood samples, also have several acronyms. Your best guess for what these mean are:
- DNA profiling – high priority
- DNA profiling – low priority
- Keep plasma only
- Keep whole blood

Some of the abbreviations appear to be the initials of the nurse or doctor who took the blood sample or filled in the form. Maisah concluded that the researchers were most interested in people who had West African derived surnames (like the Anansi you met).

Official Bio of James Kiker
Kiker is CEO of Biogene International. He is South African born, and in his late 70s. His photo shows him to be a white man, slightly overweight and completely bald. He is a widower, and has two daughters, Petra and Anise, both in their early 40s. His wife, Margaret, died in 1974 of cancer.

He comes from a moderately wealthy South African family, of mixed Boer and English descent. He initially studied chemistry at Pretoria University, with a view to doing research related to the family business (White Lion Ltd), which at the time was mainly manufacture of detergents, soaps, etc. But after the death of his two elder brothers in a hunting accident, the family put pressure on Kiker and his younger sister Annette to become more involved in the business side. Kiker thus went to the USA in 1959 to study economics at Princeton, and upon his return to South Africa, took over running a portion of the family business from his father.

In 1964 Kiker started to diversify the business’ remit, and bought up two small South African pharmaceutical firms, including one owned by the father of his future wife, Margaret. This proved a sound business move, and in 1968 while his sister took over the running of the detergents and soaps arm of the business (under the White Lion banner), Kiker began to grow the medical side of the business. In 1969 he founded Magadonne Inc by merging all his acquired pharmaceutical companies under one banner. The company went from strength to strength, gaining a world-class reputation for the production of anti-malarial drugs and its research into the causes of leukaemia. Magadonne is now one of the world’s premier drug manufacturers, and a world leader in cosmetic surgery products, such as breast implants.

Public Information
1930 – born in Cape Town
1948 – goes to Pretoria University
1952 – graduates from Pretoria and goes to work in the research branch of White Lion Ltd
1958 – elder brothers die in hunting accident
1959 – goes to USA to study at Princeton
1963 – graduates and returns to South Africa as one of directors of White Lion Ltd
1965 – marries Margaret Levenhoek
1966 – daughter Petra born
1968 – daughter Anise born
1969 – founds Magadonne Inc
1974 – wife dies of cancer
1977 – given President’s Medal by South African premier for “medical advances of great benefit to the South African nation”
1981 – founds Biogene International as a subsidiary company dedicated to medical genetics
1990 – creates the Kiker Foundation, which gives grants and bursaries to promising young South African geneticists, biochemists and pharmacologists.

Rumours, scuttlebutt, tabloid journalism and stuff from the t'interweb
Once while he was married, and twice since then, it has been suggested that Kiker has a mistress. He and his daughters have always denied this. The suggested identity of the woman have included: a South African tennis star, the daughter of a prominent politican, a member of the American diplomatic staff, and a television producer.

Kiker’s politics have always been solidly pro-Apartheid. However he is not interested in independence for the Boers.

Magadonne had very poor labour relations for its factory workers during Apartheid times. Since then things have improved.

Magadonne & White Lion have been slated in the press for using the Aesop Research Company to conduct their animal testing trials. Aesop has been involved in several scandals over animal welfare and poorly designed testing regimes.

Biogene were involved in the Human Genome Project and are now working on the Chimp Genome Project.
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