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Fianna Pict NPCs

Here are the tribal elder and other NPCs you've met in the Picti Sept of the Fianna.

Human name: Karen Naiton
Garou name: Broken Fang
Auspice: Ahroun
Homid: 35, short and wiry (5’ 4”) with curly brown hair and grey eyes. Faint scar on upper lip above a missing canine tooth. Mass of scars on left shoulder blade and flank. Has oodles and oodles of Pure Breed.
Crinos: Huge and black all over. Right upper canine missing. Muzzle scarred.
Lupus: Black all over.
Human occupation: Farmer’s wife (her husband is kinfolk). Small farm with Aberdeen-Angus beef cattle, free range pigs, etc.

Human name: Duncan Derile
Garou name: Mistwalker
Auspice: Theurge
Homid: 47, 5’ 11”. Weatherbeaten appearance, grey hair and beard, balding ontop of head. Pictish tattoos on chest – stag & V-rod (symbol of the Fianna), Pictish beast & double disc (symbol of your sept of the tribe). When ‘on duty’ as a Theurge at the caern, he wears buckskin trousers, a thong round his neck with a leaf-shaped flint blade pendant, a klaive (silver dagger) through a loop on his belt and a bracelet of small mammal skulls.
Crinos: Dark grey, with lighter belly and throat.
Lupus: Lightly built. Colour the same as Crinos form.
Human occupation: Farm worker (his sister and brother-in-law’s farm - they are kinfolk)

Human name: Constance (Connie) Ferguson
Garou name: Stalker in the Dawn
Auspice: Philodox
Homid: 52, short (5’ 2”) and motherly looking. Black hair shot through with grey; usually braided. She has a slight limp and sometimes walks with a stick in human form. This is camouflage, not necessity. Has oodles and oodles of Pure Breed.
Crinos: Dark brown with reddish highlights. Two smallest toes on her right foot are missing, and scars run up the foot to her ankle.
Lupus: As Crinos.
Human occupation: Runs a village post-office.

Human name: Stephen Alpin
Garou name: Talespinner
Auspice: Galliard
Homid: 40, 6’1” with a beard and long red hair pulled back in a ponytail. Balding at front.
Crinos: Huge, powerfully built, with chestnut fur.
Lupus: As Crinos
Human occupation: Singer/songwriter (unemployed).

Human name: John Mckelvie
Garou name: Gullchaser
Auspice: Ragabash
Homid: 30, 5’ 8”. Short spiky brown hair, very green eyes.
Crinos: Slender as Crinos go. Black pelt with dusting of white on muzzle, throat and flanks.
Lupus: As Crinos.
Human occupation: Car mechanic.

Human name: Alice Soutar (half-sister of Tim’s Mentor)
Garou name: Leechbane
Auspice: Ahroun
Homid: 33, 5’ 9”. Dark brown hair, cropped very short. Blue eyes. Muscular for a woman. Her right arm is withered and mostly useless. Scars across her chest and belly.
Crinos: Red pelt with black on ears, neck, along spine and down tail.
Lupus: As Crinos. Fur long and shaggy.
Human occupation: Sheep farmer.

Human name: Magnus
Garou name: Printless Through the Snow
Auspice: Philodox
Homid: 29, 6’ 0”. Lightly built. Has untidy brown hair which he lets grow to collar length then shaves it all off. Scar across back of skull visible when hair is shaved.
Crinos: Grey with chestnut points.
Lupus: A typical grey wolf
Human occupation: Helps out on various kinfolk farms.

Human name: Malcolm Ferguson (distant relative of Connie Ferguson)
Garou name: n/a
Auspice: Philodox
Homid: 17, 5’ 5”. Skinny and underfed looking. Long, lank black hair which he uses to ‘hide’ behind. Scar on lip and nose from surgery to correct hare lip and cleft palate. Grey eyes. Heavy metal t-shirt, scruffy jeans.
Crinos: Lightly built for Crinos. Jackal-like set to his head (his father was a Silent Strider). Dark grey pelt with black ears, ruff and back. Cleft lip gives a permament snarl on the right side of his face.
Lupus: Colour as Crinos. Skinny and long-legged.
Human occupation: n/a

Human name: Heather Soutar
Garou name: Bloodstone
Auspice: Theurge
Homid: 31, 5’ 9”. Fair hair, slightly plump, very pretty.
Crinos: Black all over. Bulit like a brick shithouse.
Lupus: As Crinos.
Human occupation: Fisherman’s wife. Part-time assistant at country vet’s practice.
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