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Making Talens and Fetishes

To create a Talen:
1.       Either summon a spirit (Rite of Summoning) or awaken a spirit (Rite of Spirit Awakening).  See info on those Rites below.
2.       Perform the Rite of Binding (usually done in the Umbra).

  • Spend 1 Gnosis

  • Roll Wits + Rituals (-2 dice if not in the Umbra)

  • Do spirit combat (mostly this will be via the Rite of Binding, but sometimes you will have to fight first). The dice roll is Will (+1d if above ritual roll successful) versus Spirit’s Gnosis – 1.

  • Gaffling gnosis is typically 4 to 7, rarely 8.

3.       Extra successes beyond the first = extra talens.
4.       The user must make a Gnosis roll to activate the talen.

To create a Fetish - Rite of the Fetish (level 3 Rite):
The spirit has to be willing to be bound into the fetish. If you bind an unwilling spirit you’ll end up with a ‘cursed’ fetish.
1.       Cleanse the potential fetish by spending 3 consecutive nights placing it under running water, burying it in pure earth, exposing it to constant breezes and/or suspending it over flame.
2.       Either summon a spirit (Rite of Summoning) or awaken a spirit (Rite of Spirit Awakening).  See below.
3.       Persuade or force the spirit to enter the prepared object.
4.       If you are persuading it, you’ll need to roleplay this and there will be game mechanics determined by the method you choose. E.g. flattery might be Manipulation + Expression vs Spirit’s Gnosis, whilst bribery is spending permanent Gnosis (donating it to the spirit).
5.       If you are forcing it, you must first reduce it to zero Power by spirit combat.
6.       Roll Wits + Rituals. You need 10 successes.
7.       Each point of permanent Gnosis you spend (not including bribery payments) reduces the number of successes needed by 2.
8.       If you roll zero successes the spirit is suddenly released and you are back to square one.
9.       A newly created fetish will not work until the spirit has recharged all its Power (p184)

Rite of Summoning
1.       Either step sideways into the Umbra OR make a Gnosis roll vs Gauntlet to do it in the real world.
2.       Roll Wits + Rituals. Minimum time taken is 1 hour.

  • +1d if in Umbra

  • +1d for every extra hour spent beyond the first (maximum 3d)

  • Default is to summon a Gaffling

  • -1d for Jagglings, -3d for Totem Avatar, -4 or -5d for Incarna, -6d for Celestine Avatar

3.       Make Gnosis roll and consult table on p145 for how quickly the spirit arrives, and if it is hostile, neutral or friendly when it turns up.

Rite of Spirit Awakening
1.       Play a musical instrument or sing (no dice roll required).
2.       Roll Wits + Rituals vs Spirit’s Rage (as its defence).

  • Gaffling Rage is typically 3 to 4. More if they are a fighty, weapon or suffering type of spirit.

  • Animal predators are Rage 6.

3.       GM decides if the awoken spirit is friendly, neutral or hostile. 
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