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Bastet the Apocalypse RPG's Journal
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Tuesday, February 14th, 2017
5:37 pm
Making Talens and Fetishes
To create a Talen:
1.       Either summon a spirit (Rite of Summoning) or awaken a spirit (Rite of Spirit Awakening).  See info on those Rites below.
2.       Perform the Rite of Binding (usually done in the Umbra).

  • Spend 1 Gnosis

  • Roll Wits + Rituals (-2 dice if not in the Umbra)

  • Do spirit combat (mostly this will be via the Rite of Binding, but sometimes you will have to fight first). The dice roll is Will (+1d if above ritual roll successful) versus Spirit’s Gnosis – 1.

  • Gaffling gnosis is typically 4 to 7, rarely 8.

3.       Extra successes beyond the first = extra talens.
4.       The user must make a Gnosis roll to activate the talen.

To create a Fetish - Rite of the Fetish (level 3 Rite):
The spirit has to be willing to be bound into the fetish. If you bind an unwilling spirit you’ll end up with a ‘cursed’ fetish.
1.       Cleanse the potential fetish by spending 3 consecutive nights placing it under running water, burying it in pure earth, exposing it to constant breezes and/or suspending it over flame.
2.       Either summon a spirit (Rite of Summoning) or awaken a spirit (Rite of Spirit Awakening).  See below.
3.       Persuade or force the spirit to enter the prepared object.
4.       If you are persuading it, you’ll need to roleplay this and there will be game mechanics determined by the method you choose. E.g. flattery might be Manipulation + Expression vs Spirit’s Gnosis, whilst bribery is spending permanent Gnosis (donating it to the spirit).
5.       If you are forcing it, you must first reduce it to zero Power by spirit combat.
6.       Roll Wits + Rituals. You need 10 successes.
7.       Each point of permanent Gnosis you spend (not including bribery payments) reduces the number of successes needed by 2.
8.       If you roll zero successes the spirit is suddenly released and you are back to square one.
9.       A newly created fetish will not work until the spirit has recharged all its Power (p184)

Rite of Summoning
1.       Either step sideways into the Umbra OR make a Gnosis roll vs Gauntlet to do it in the real world.
2.       Roll Wits + Rituals. Minimum time taken is 1 hour.

  • +1d if in Umbra

  • +1d for every extra hour spent beyond the first (maximum 3d)

  • Default is to summon a Gaffling

  • -1d for Jagglings, -3d for Totem Avatar, -4 or -5d for Incarna, -6d for Celestine Avatar

3.       Make Gnosis roll and consult table on p145 for how quickly the spirit arrives, and if it is hostile, neutral or friendly when it turns up.

Rite of Spirit Awakening
1.       Play a musical instrument or sing (no dice roll required).
2.       Roll Wits + Rituals vs Spirit’s Rage (as its defence).

  • Gaffling Rage is typically 3 to 4. More if they are a fighty, weapon or suffering type of spirit.

  • Animal predators are Rage 6.

3.       GM decides if the awoken spirit is friendly, neutral or hostile. 
Tuesday, January 17th, 2017
8:38 am
Getting points back
And since no-one can ever remember this either...

Regain Rage when:
• 1 point when you first see the Moon at night.
• After a botched roll.
• Following a humiliating experience.
• At the first turn of a confrontational situation.
• At the start of a new scenario, roll 1d10.

Refresh Gnosis by:
• Meditation for at least an hour. Roll Wits + Enigmas. Get 1 Gnosis back for every success BUT you can only get a maximum equal to the number of hours spent meditating. If you do this more than once a week, you are at -1 die per additional time you meditate.
• Bargain with a spirit and get some of its Gnosis in return for a favour. You need to be able to talk to it!
• Taking part in a Scared Hunt at a Moot – full refresh to full.
• At the start of a new scenario, roll Charisma + Enigmas. Get 1 Gnosis back for every success.

Refresh Willpower by:
• 1 point back for a night’s rest or other chance to recuperate.
• Get some points back when the GM rules that you have achieved some special success during the story which could boost your self-confidence.
• At the GM’s discretion, get some points back when you roleplay fulfilling some aspect of your auspice.
• Get all Willpower back at the end of a scenario (not a session).

1 point of bashing per round. Or downgrade 1 lethal to bashing. So you'll get back all lethal and bashing in a minute or two.
1 point of aggravated per day, unless special rules apply to that particular wound (e.g. contaminated with weird Wyrm toxins).
8:29 am
Experience costs
Since no-one can ever remember, here's the costs:

Attribute = New level x 5
Skill = New level x 3
Skill speciality = 3 points
Gift from your own breed, auspice or tribe = Level of Gift x 3
Gift from another breed, auspice or tribe = Level of Gift x 5
Rage = current level
Gnosis = current level x2
Willpower = current level
Backgrounds (apart from Rites & Totem) = Can only be increased through roleplay, not by spending experience
Background - Rites = 3 points per dot
Background - Totem = is Stag, already paid for.
Friday, September 16th, 2016
8:54 am
Reminder of game mechanics
For shapeshifting and stepping sideways rules, see this earlier post about it.

We're using oWoD Initiative, since your character sheets don't have one of the nWoD attributes (Composure) on them!
1d10 + total number of dots you have in Wits + Alertness.
Tens DO NOT explode.

Dice pool = Attribute + Skill +/- any modifiers. Success on a 7 or above. 10s explode.
• If you don’t have the skill, you are at -3 dice to the roll. (For physical skills, the penalty will sometimes be -1 instead of -3).
• A result of 5 successes or more is a critical (exceptional success).
• If you fail you can (if appropriate) try again next turn at a penalty of -1 die.
• You can spend 1 Willpower to make a Heroic Effort – this gives +3 dice to your pool. You can’t spend more than 1 Willpower on a roll.
• If your dice pool is 0 or less you can still make a chance roll of 1d10 (aka a 'Hail Mary'). A 10 succeeds, anything else fails. 10s explode as normal. You cannot spend Willpower on this!
• If you roll a 1 on a chance roll, it’s a botch (dramatic failure). You don’t botch on any other type of rolls.

So, imagine Mr Example. He has Perception 4, Int 3, Wits 2. With a skill of Computers 0 he rolls: Perception + Computers = 4 + 0 - 3 = 1. He rolls that one dice as normal (success on 7+) and can spend willpower as normal.

But Int + Computers = 3 + 0 - 3 = 0, and Wits + Computers = 2 + 0 - 3 = -1. Mr Example now has a choice:
Option 1: Don't do stuff with Computers
Option 2: Make a chance roll. Only succeed on a 10. Risk botching. (Ian's character has bought a Merit to negate/reroll botches).

Contested actions
Both contestants roll their dice. The one with the most successes wins.
If there is no winner on an instant contest, it continues next turn.

Extended actions
You make several rolls over a period of game time, with the aim of collecting a stated number of successes.

Extended contested action
Both contestants are trying to accumulate a stated number of successes. The first to reach the total wins.

• Decide who is the primary actor. Work out their dice pool. DO NOT ROLL YET!
• Each person who is helping rolls their own dice pool. Each success they roll adds +1 die to the primary’s dice pool.
• If a helper botches, then the primary is at -4 to their dice pool.
• Primary then rolls their dice pool as normal.
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016
9:15 am
Fluid initiative
In light of the huge number of ‘hold actions’ which happen every combat (I know the stairs were a special case, but Tim does it pretty much every encounter) and my feeling that you guys want to plan sequential actions (which WoD initiative as it stands is rubbish at), then I’m really strongly considering switching to using the fluid initiative system of Night’s Black Agents.

It works like this:

1. Initiative is rolled as normal, with highest going first. Ties are resolved as normal.
2. Anyone who is surprised goes last.
3. Anyone who arrives late to a fight goes last. They don’t roll initiative, they just slot in after the lowest person in the order.
4. After the fight has started, any PC who takes any action other than fighting (see below for examples) moves immediately to the last position in the ranking order. So if Tom is last on 7, and Ian rips open a door, Ian’s initiative drops to 6. He’ll be on 6 for the rest of the fight.
5. If you hold your action, the place in the order when you act becomes your new initiative. So if Tim goes on 17 but holds his action until 8, he will be going on 8 in every subsequent round.
6. You can hold your action for a whole round (i.e. do nothing). You’ll then go first in the next round, and that will be your new initiative. For instance, if Tim goes first on 17 but Andy holds his action for a whole round, the new order is Andy 18, Tim 17. If two PCs hold their action for the whole round, they’ll dice off to determine who goes first.
7. You can spend a Rage point to Jump In and act at a point earlier than you normally would. Your action has to be an attack. Jumping in is temporary thing, and your initiative goes back to what it was before next round. You can’t Jump In to go later in the round.
8. Rage actions (apart from Jump In) will happen at the end of the round, as usual. I promise to be better in doing those in initiative order.
9. If everyone has piled up at the bottom of the initiative order, we’ll re-roll it.

Fighting vs non-fighting actions

Fighting actions which do not change your initiative order are:
• Any melee or brawl action – punch, bite, stab and so on.
• Movement related to a fisticuffs fight. So if Ian punches Tom then runs across the room to punch Mark, the movement counts as a fighting action.
• Any Gift which is specifically combat related, e.g. Razor Claws.
• Passing on the Stag’s abilities to another pack member (this is instant and doesn’t count as an action).

Actions which WILL change your initiative order:
• Any Gift which is not specifically a combat one, e.g. Create Element, Persuade.
• Throwing a grenade, petrol bomb, etc. You’ve got to pull the pin or light it, so this takes time.
• Any movement associated with ranged weapons. You’ll need to line up your shot after you’ve run across the room.
• Any movement not associated with a fisticuffs attack. For instance, moving to block the doorway, running to grab the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch from the altar.
• Getting things out of backpacks, searching for things to throw at people, and generally doing non-attack stuff, even if it will lead to an attack next action.
Sunday, July 10th, 2016
6:44 pm
List of Totem spirits for Fianna campaign
Permanent Traits: everyone gets these.
Turn based Traits: only 1 of these powers can be used at a time and by only 1 pack member. At the end of the turn/scene the character decides who can use the powers next. (You can spend XP on the totem to increase the number of pack members who can use the powers simultaneously).
XP can also be used to increase the Totem’s power and abilities.

list of available totem spiritsCollapse )
Tuesday, June 7th, 2016
5:36 pm
Rite of Talisman Dedication - rules summary
I've checked both 1st ed oWOD and 2nd ed oWOD and - as I remembered - neither permit Garou to do the Rite of Talisman Dedication on someone else. This rite allows a Garou to bind objects to her body [emphasis mine].

Other rules...
You are permitted one object per permanent Gnosis point you have.
The rite is for mundane items like backpacks and trousers. If you have a talen or fetish (magical object with a spirit bound into it), that will come with you automatically - it doesn't count towards your quota of items.
Really big objects might "cost" more than 1 Gnosis.
You'll lose Wisdom points for binding "inappropriate" items to you (examples are gameboys, chainsaws and wristwatches). This rule does not apply to Glass Walkers or Bone Gnawers.

GM and player must discuss what happens to the object in different forms. Examples are a backpack's straps magically stretch to fit your Crinos form, or a knife becomes a tattoo when you are in Hispo form.
5:21 pm
Fianna Pict NPCs
Here are the tribal elder and other NPCs you've met in the Picti Sept of the Fianna.

Human name: Karen Naiton
Garou name: Broken Fang
Auspice: Ahroun
Homid: 35, short and wiry (5’ 4”) with curly brown hair and grey eyes. Faint scar on upper lip above a missing canine tooth. Mass of scars on left shoulder blade and flank. Has oodles and oodles of Pure Breed.
Crinos: Huge and black all over. Right upper canine missing. Muzzle scarred.
Lupus: Black all over.
Human occupation: Farmer’s wife (her husband is kinfolk). Small farm with Aberdeen-Angus beef cattle, free range pigs, etc.

Human name: Duncan Derile
Garou name: Mistwalker
Auspice: Theurge
Homid: 47, 5’ 11”. Weatherbeaten appearance, grey hair and beard, balding ontop of head. Pictish tattoos on chest – stag & V-rod (symbol of the Fianna), Pictish beast & double disc (symbol of your sept of the tribe). When ‘on duty’ as a Theurge at the caern, he wears buckskin trousers, a thong round his neck with a leaf-shaped flint blade pendant, a klaive (silver dagger) through a loop on his belt and a bracelet of small mammal skulls.
Crinos: Dark grey, with lighter belly and throat.
Lupus: Lightly built. Colour the same as Crinos form.
Human occupation: Farm worker (his sister and brother-in-law’s farm - they are kinfolk)

Human name: Constance (Connie) Ferguson
Garou name: Stalker in the Dawn
Auspice: Philodox
Homid: 52, short (5’ 2”) and motherly looking. Black hair shot through with grey; usually braided. She has a slight limp and sometimes walks with a stick in human form. This is camouflage, not necessity. Has oodles and oodles of Pure Breed.
Crinos: Dark brown with reddish highlights. Two smallest toes on her right foot are missing, and scars run up the foot to her ankle.
Lupus: As Crinos.
Human occupation: Runs a village post-office.

Human name: Stephen Alpin
Garou name: Talespinner
Auspice: Galliard
Homid: 40, 6’1” with a beard and long red hair pulled back in a ponytail. Balding at front.
Crinos: Huge, powerfully built, with chestnut fur.
Lupus: As Crinos
Human occupation: Singer/songwriter (unemployed).

Human name: John Mckelvie
Garou name: Gullchaser
Auspice: Ragabash
Homid: 30, 5’ 8”. Short spiky brown hair, very green eyes.
Crinos: Slender as Crinos go. Black pelt with dusting of white on muzzle, throat and flanks.
Lupus: As Crinos.
Human occupation: Car mechanic.

Human name: Alice Soutar (half-sister of Tim’s Mentor)
Garou name: Leechbane
Auspice: Ahroun
Homid: 33, 5’ 9”. Dark brown hair, cropped very short. Blue eyes. Muscular for a woman. Her right arm is withered and mostly useless. Scars across her chest and belly.
Crinos: Red pelt with black on ears, neck, along spine and down tail.
Lupus: As Crinos. Fur long and shaggy.
Human occupation: Sheep farmer.

Human name: Magnus
Garou name: Printless Through the Snow
Auspice: Philodox
Homid: 29, 6’ 0”. Lightly built. Has untidy brown hair which he lets grow to collar length then shaves it all off. Scar across back of skull visible when hair is shaved.
Crinos: Grey with chestnut points.
Lupus: A typical grey wolf
Human occupation: Helps out on various kinfolk farms.

Human name: Malcolm Ferguson (distant relative of Connie Ferguson)
Garou name: n/a
Auspice: Philodox
Homid: 17, 5’ 5”. Skinny and underfed looking. Long, lank black hair which he uses to ‘hide’ behind. Scar on lip and nose from surgery to correct hare lip and cleft palate. Grey eyes. Heavy metal t-shirt, scruffy jeans.
Crinos: Lightly built for Crinos. Jackal-like set to his head (his father was a Silent Strider). Dark grey pelt with black ears, ruff and back. Cleft lip gives a permament snarl on the right side of his face.
Lupus: Colour as Crinos. Skinny and long-legged.
Human occupation: n/a

Human name: Heather Soutar
Garou name: Bloodstone
Auspice: Theurge
Homid: 31, 5’ 9”. Fair hair, slightly plump, very pretty.
Crinos: Black all over. Bulit like a brick shithouse.
Lupus: As Crinos.
Human occupation: Fisherman’s wife. Part-time assistant at country vet’s practice.
Thursday, May 12th, 2016
6:10 pm
Shapeshifting and stepping sideways
A reminder of the rules on shifting forms and getting into the spirit world.

You have a choice:
1. Roll your Stamina + Primal Urge. The number of successes equals the number of forms you can morph through (not including the one you started in). For instance, to get from Homid to Crinos needs 2 successes. This takes 1 combat turn. If you don't get enough successes to get to the form you wanted, you'll have to roll again next turn. Clothes will burst their seams, get ripped, etc.

2. Spend 1 Rage point for an instant transformation. Clothes will be totally shredded.

3. Some folk bought the Metamorph merit which gives instant transformation without spending Rage. Clothes shredded.

To get into the spirit world, the party has a choice:
1. Everyone rolls individually against their Gnosis. (You can spend a Willpower as normal). Anyone who gets zero successes can't try again for an hour of game time, unless they want to make a One Chance dice roll. If they botch that, they'll get stuck halfway through.

2. Nominate someone to pull other pack members through with them. Everyone has to abide by that person's roll. So if they screw up it affects everyone they were trying to 'carry'. You can only 'carry' members of your own pack this way - it doesn't work on other folks.

You can mix and match the above, with some people rolling individually and some being carried.

Leaving the spirit world doesn't require a dice roll. But the geometry of the spirit world means that sometimes you are not near enough to the real world to step back into it.
Saturday, May 7th, 2016
12:26 pm
New WoD combat rules summary
For those used to Old World of Darkness, here are the new rules for nWoD:

1.Weapon stats are added to your To Hit dice pool, rather than changing the difficulty. A knife is +1 die, an axe is +3 dice, etc. Being bitten by a person is 0, being bitten by a wolf is +2, and apparently a great white shark bite is +4.
2.Opponent does not make a parry/dodge roll. Instead the opponent's Defence value is subtracted from your attack dice pool. This is automatic (opponent doesn't need to roll anything).
3.The Dodge skill has had to be house-ruled slightly. In 2nd ed it is not a skill, but still exists as a possible action! So players can declare their action for the round is All-Out Dodging (can't do anything else). Game mechanic effect is roll Dodge + Dex and each success is added to your defence for the round. Zero successes counts as 1 success. Botching is still a botch!
4.You do not roll damage dice!
5.Instead each success you got on the To Hit roll = 1 point of damage. Hence hefty things like axes are given more attack dice to reflect the 'oomph' of a hit by them.
6.Damage comes in Bashing, Lethal and Aggravated.
7.Anyone including normal people and animals can soak Bashing.
8.Supernatural creatures can soak Lethal.
9.Supernatural creatures can soak Aggravated UNLESS it is from something that they are vulnerable to. e.g. silver for werewolves.
10.Damage UPGRADES to the next level if you run out of hit point boxes to check off. So if you have taken 7 Bashing and get another 1 point of Bashing, the first point on the track turns to Lethal. If the track is full of Lethal another point will turn a Lethal to Aggravated.
11.People with a full Lethal track are automatically unconscious and bleeding to death, etc. Werewolves can regenerate faster than the speed this happens, so don't need to worry about bleeding to death...
12.The dice penalties on the Health track don't count until the corresponding damage is Lethal (for normal folk) or Aggravated (for supernatural folks).
13.Every round Werewolves can regenerate 1 point of Bashing a round OR downgrade 1 Lethal to Bashing. You can't regenerate Aggravated.
14.Once per combat you can make a Rage roll to heal some damage (each success = 1 point). You CAN heal Aggravated this way, but (a) you may Frenzy and (b) you'll need to roll on the Battle Scars table to see if you've done yourself permanent damage or got a cool scar.
15.Wound penalties are ignored while in Frenzy.
16.Medicine skill DOES NOT magically give lots of health points back. It gives back 1 point of Bashing or can try to stabilise folk who are dying (first aid), or downgrades 1 point of damage (hospital treatment - surgery, intensive care, etc). Basically the game mechanics reflect the trope of a paramedic fighting for 10 minutes or surgeon fighting for several hours to save someone's life and sometimes failing...
17.The gift Mother's Touch is the magical hit point recovery one. Roll Medicine + Int. Each success = 1 point back (any type).

More rules, based on questions folk have asked!
For hand to hand combat (punch, stab, bite, etc) you roll STRENGTH + appropriate skill.
For ranged and thrown weapons you roll DEXTERITY + appropriate skill.
Defence is the LOWEST of your Wits or Dex. Defence does not count against ranged attacks unless the shooter/archer is almost on top of you. It does count for folk throwing rocks at you.
Best way to avoid getting hit by Firearms is to use Cover or Concealment. However, you will be at penalties to shoot back, because you'll have to pop up to fire, muzzle flash will reveal your location, and so on.
Armour subtracts from the attacker's dice pool to hit.
Pretty much every modifier and situation known to man adds or subtracts from dice pools - that's the core of the system.
Exception... Soak rolls occur after you know how much damage you've taken, instead of reducing the attacker's dice pool.

Botching is very rare. You have to have a dice pool of 0 or less, risk doing a "what the hell" one chance dice roll to try anyway. On a 10 you succeed. On a 1 you botch. You can't botch on ordinary dice rolls.
Wednesday, April 27th, 2016
8:09 am
Werewolf at the Stag & Hounds
Hi all
Here are the Werewolf the Apocalypse Fianna campaign character gen notes, for folks who need to refer to them.

• Only 1 Lupus in the party maximum. Having no lupus is fine.
• You can double up on auspices, but I'd prefer no more than 2 of each.
• I'll give you some NPC pack members to cover whatever auspice you are missing.
• You have NOT been through your Rite of Passage yet.
• If you are a Lost Cub you can choose whether you've had your First Change or not.
• If you are a Metis, Lupus or Homid who isn't a Lost Cub you will NOT have had your First Change.
• Well technically speaking, the Metis had their First Change (from Crinos to Human) minutes after they were born, but that doesn't count...
• Spend points to buy Gifts and Rites as normal, but none of these will be active/usable in the first session.
• For those who want Rites (most likely the Theurge if any of you are one of those), the system is that your score in Rites tells you how many you've got and your score in Rituals is the skill you use to enact the Rite AND is the max level of Rite you can take.
• Primal Urge skill and Survival skill have some overlap. You'll tend to use Primal Urge in crinos, hispo and wolf form, or when relying on 'animal' senses like tracking by scent. You'll tend to use Survival when in human form or doing 'tool-user' tasks like setting things on fire or tracking by sight.
• Metis deformities. No mental ones. I'm sick to the back teeth of plot avoiding and plot destroying 'nutters'.
• Metis physical deformities - you don't have to take one from the book. We can make something up. It has to be something visible to werewolves, even if humans don't notice it (like being hairless - humans might assume you shave your head). It will NOT be mistaken for a battle scar. e.g. a garou missing an ear because it was ripped off in a fight can easily be told from a garou who was born with only one ear.
• You need a human name (yes even the Lupus needs something for the NPCs to call him). You will earn your werewolf name during the game, based on your deeds or misdeeds.

Use this character sheet. Ignore the Totem and Camp options. You aren't of a rank to have earned a Totem's attention yet, and I'm not bothering with the Camps. Fianna character sheet
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
2:10 pm
Totem spirit
The pride now has a totem spirit - Apis the Bull.

Apis is a totem of Respect. He is allied with the god Ptah, husband of Sekhmet and of Bast. He escorts the souls of the dead to the Deep Umbra, to wait there for reincarnation. He is accompanied by the spirits of several Kyphur cats, who are unable to reincarnate because their bodies still exist as undead within the lair of the Setite Vampires in Egypt.

All the pride members have gained some dots in the Crafts skill, a bonus to Willpower (some free successes each session), an extra 2 Gnosis, and 1 permanent point of Honour.
Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
7:42 pm
Final game of the campaign
Will be on Sat 9th of May. Venue my place. Food by me. Start time TBD.
Sunday, January 4th, 2009
12:30 pm
Game date reminder
The first game of 2009 will be Sat 17th Jan at my place. Andy will be providing the food
Sunday, August 31st, 2008
3:30 pm
More game dates
Sept 27th - venue my place. Food by me.
Oct 25th - venue TBD. Food TBD.
Nov 29th - venue TBD. Food TBD.
Saturday, August 9th, 2008
11:38 am
August and September games
The next games are:
August 30th. Venue V+C's place. Food supplied by James. BTW for those navigating across Brizzul by car... it is the Stapleton Road Festival that day, so the bottom end of Stapleton Road will be closed to traffic from 6am to 6pm.

September 27th. Venue TBC. Food supplied by the GM. (I'm considering running it at my place to make the whole food issue logistically easier...)
Sunday, June 8th, 2008
10:17 am
Laptop and James Kiker - player handouts
You can decipher some of the abbreviations and acronyms to mean that there is a history in the family of:
- Sickle Cell Anaemia
- Leukaemia
- Various types of Thalassaemia (haemoglobin defect associated with malaria resistance)

There is also a choice of boxes to tick which seem to be:
- Definitely has AIDS
- High Risk of having AIDS
- Low Risk of having AIDS
- Vitamins given
- Antibiotics prescribed with/without initial injection
- Anti-malarials prescribed with/without initial injection
- Anti-yellow fever prescribed with/without initial injection

Instructions on what to do with the blood samples, also have several acronyms. Your best guess for what these mean are:
- DNA profiling – high priority
- DNA profiling – low priority
- Keep plasma only
- Keep whole blood

Some of the abbreviations appear to be the initials of the nurse or doctor who took the blood sample or filled in the form. Maisah concluded that the researchers were most interested in people who had West African derived surnames (like the Anansi you met).

Official Bio of James Kiker
Kiker is CEO of Biogene International. He is South African born, and in his late 70s. His photo shows him to be a white man, slightly overweight and completely bald. He is a widower, and has two daughters, Petra and Anise, both in their early 40s. His wife, Margaret, died in 1974 of cancer.

He comes from a moderately wealthy South African family, of mixed Boer and English descent. He initially studied chemistry at Pretoria University, with a view to doing research related to the family business (White Lion Ltd), which at the time was mainly manufacture of detergents, soaps, etc. But after the death of his two elder brothers in a hunting accident, the family put pressure on Kiker and his younger sister Annette to become more involved in the business side. Kiker thus went to the USA in 1959 to study economics at Princeton, and upon his return to South Africa, took over running a portion of the family business from his father.

In 1964 Kiker started to diversify the business’ remit, and bought up two small South African pharmaceutical firms, including one owned by the father of his future wife, Margaret. This proved a sound business move, and in 1968 while his sister took over the running of the detergents and soaps arm of the business (under the White Lion banner), Kiker began to grow the medical side of the business. In 1969 he founded Magadonne Inc by merging all his acquired pharmaceutical companies under one banner. The company went from strength to strength, gaining a world-class reputation for the production of anti-malarial drugs and its research into the causes of leukaemia. Magadonne is now one of the world’s premier drug manufacturers, and a world leader in cosmetic surgery products, such as breast implants.

Public Information
1930 – born in Cape Town
1948 – goes to Pretoria University
1952 – graduates from Pretoria and goes to work in the research branch of White Lion Ltd
1958 – elder brothers die in hunting accident
1959 – goes to USA to study at Princeton
1963 – graduates and returns to South Africa as one of directors of White Lion Ltd
1965 – marries Margaret Levenhoek
1966 – daughter Petra born
1968 – daughter Anise born
1969 – founds Magadonne Inc
1974 – wife dies of cancer
1977 – given President’s Medal by South African premier for “medical advances of great benefit to the South African nation”
1981 – founds Biogene International as a subsidiary company dedicated to medical genetics
1990 – creates the Kiker Foundation, which gives grants and bursaries to promising young South African geneticists, biochemists and pharmacologists.

Rumours, scuttlebutt, tabloid journalism and stuff from the t'interweb
Once while he was married, and twice since then, it has been suggested that Kiker has a mistress. He and his daughters have always denied this. The suggested identity of the woman have included: a South African tennis star, the daughter of a prominent politican, a member of the American diplomatic staff, and a television producer.

Kiker’s politics have always been solidly pro-Apartheid. However he is not interested in independence for the Boers.

Magadonne had very poor labour relations for its factory workers during Apartheid times. Since then things have improved.

Magadonne & White Lion have been slated in the press for using the Aesop Research Company to conduct their animal testing trials. Aesop has been involved in several scandals over animal welfare and poorly designed testing regimes.

Biogene were involved in the Human Genome Project and are now working on the Chimp Genome Project.
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The Old Man's Rhyme & the Cave Paintings
I've been meaning to post some of the handouts here for aeons, but dodgy internet connection thwarted it. Here they are at last:

It is spoken in Shona.

Older than the oldest
Newer than the newborn
Cold and dry
The forest flees
The sea weeps tears of ice
Dust and grass ascendant

The cave paintings on Stepping Stone’s island are in the form of those painted by the Khoi San (formerly know as Bushman and Hottentot) peoples.

The paintings depict:
- Hunters with spears, some hunting eland antelope, some hunting kudu, some hunting elephants, some running.
- A group of women with digging sticks.
- A group of men and women – some with elaborate headdresses – dancing in a circle.
- A few humanoid figures that appear to be part human, part cat. In order of abundance these are (a) skinny spotted ones resembling Swara, (b) tufted-eared ones resembling Qualmi, (c) a single picture of what might be a Bagheera in Crinos form – it is spotted and has sabre teeth.
- A few humanoid figures that appear to be part human, part eland antelope. This is probably the mythical Rain Beast that starts the wet season and brings rain to desert areas.
- Lots and lots of kudu antelope and lots and lots of eland antelope.
- Elephants.
- Warthogs.
- Gazelles.
- One lion and two lionesses in a group.
- A running cheetah.
- A spotted cat that may be a leopard or a cheetah.
- One giraffe.
- One aardvark.
- Lots of abstract geometric patterns.

There are NO depictions of:
- Hunters with bows and arrows – the weapon portrayed in similar paintings in Botswana which are known to be 5000 years old or younger.
- Cattle or other domestic animals introduced to the area from 650 AD onwards.
- Horses, wagons, guns or other things introduced by the Europeans in the 19th century.

This has led Charanjit (Taljit’s great granddad) to conclude that the paintings are very, very old – a minimum of several thousand years.

When Cloud Runner was in the spirit world, the cave paintings there filckered and moved - like they were simple animations. A gazelle's ear would flicker, an elephant's trunk would raise and lower, the dancers would clap their hands, etc.
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Dates for next few games
Here are the dates for the next games:

31st May - venue is wryelle's place.
21st June. Venue TBD.
12th July. Venue TBD.
Saturday, January 12th, 2008
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Character summaries
Here is the list of characters for the campaign:

Tendai Tandare, a Swara homid with a pyrio aspected towards night. He is Zimbabwean by birth and is a private detective. He's 23 years old. He speaks English, Shona, Ndebele and Afrikaans.

Shumba Hughes, a Simba feline with pyrio of daylight. He was born in a national park in Zimbabwe, but spent most of his pre-change life on a nearby cattle farm as a semi-pet. He speaks English. He's 5 years old, which means he looks about 19 in human form.

John Nyambe, a Simba feline with pyrio of daylight. Together with his two kinfolk brothers he holds a pride in a Botswanan national park. He speaks English. He's 5 years old, which means he looks about 19 in human form.

Taljit Kaur de la Rosa, a homid Bagheera with pyrio of daylight. She was born in Mozambique in the ethnic Indian community. She is 16. She speaks Portugese, Swahili and Konkani. Her grandfather, Charanjit Singh Hernandez, often travels with her.

Joseph Nzele, a homid Bagheera with pyrio of daylight. He is South African by birth, had an Oxford education, and is heir to a Zulu tribal dynasty, but has been done out of his inheritance by a scheming uncle. He speaks English and Zulu, and is 23.

Amal Costandi, a homid Bubasti with pyrio of twilight. She is an Egyptian national and is in southern Africa studying folklore for her PhD. He father is a diplomat at the Egyptian embassy to Botswana. She is 22 and speaks English and Arabic.
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