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Werewolf at the Stag & Hounds

Hi all
Here are the Werewolf the Apocalypse Fianna campaign character gen notes, for folks who need to refer to them.

• Only 1 Lupus in the party maximum. Having no lupus is fine.
• You can double up on auspices, but I'd prefer no more than 2 of each.
• I'll give you some NPC pack members to cover whatever auspice you are missing.
• You have NOT been through your Rite of Passage yet.
• If you are a Lost Cub you can choose whether you've had your First Change or not.
• If you are a Metis, Lupus or Homid who isn't a Lost Cub you will NOT have had your First Change.
• Well technically speaking, the Metis had their First Change (from Crinos to Human) minutes after they were born, but that doesn't count...
• Spend points to buy Gifts and Rites as normal, but none of these will be active/usable in the first session.
• For those who want Rites (most likely the Theurge if any of you are one of those), the system is that your score in Rites tells you how many you've got and your score in Rituals is the skill you use to enact the Rite AND is the max level of Rite you can take.
• Primal Urge skill and Survival skill have some overlap. You'll tend to use Primal Urge in crinos, hispo and wolf form, or when relying on 'animal' senses like tracking by scent. You'll tend to use Survival when in human form or doing 'tool-user' tasks like setting things on fire or tracking by sight.
• Metis deformities. No mental ones. I'm sick to the back teeth of plot avoiding and plot destroying 'nutters'.
• Metis physical deformities - you don't have to take one from the book. We can make something up. It has to be something visible to werewolves, even if humans don't notice it (like being hairless - humans might assume you shave your head). It will NOT be mistaken for a battle scar. e.g. a garou missing an ear because it was ripped off in a fight can easily be told from a garou who was born with only one ear.
• You need a human name (yes even the Lupus needs something for the NPCs to call him). You will earn your werewolf name during the game, based on your deeds or misdeeds.

Use this character sheet. Ignore the Totem and Camp options. You aren't of a rank to have earned a Totem's attention yet, and I'm not bothering with the Camps. Fianna character sheet
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