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New WoD combat rules summary

For those used to Old World of Darkness, here are the new rules for nWoD:

1.Weapon stats are added to your To Hit dice pool, rather than changing the difficulty. A knife is +1 die, an axe is +3 dice, etc. Being bitten by a person is 0, being bitten by a wolf is +2, and apparently a great white shark bite is +4.
2.Opponent does not make a parry/dodge roll. Instead the opponent's Defence value is subtracted from your attack dice pool. This is automatic (opponent doesn't need to roll anything).
3.The Dodge skill has had to be house-ruled slightly. In 2nd ed it is not a skill, but still exists as a possible action! So players can declare their action for the round is All-Out Dodging (can't do anything else). Game mechanic effect is roll Dodge + Dex and each success is added to your defence for the round. Zero successes counts as 1 success. Botching is still a botch!
4.You do not roll damage dice!
5.Instead each success you got on the To Hit roll = 1 point of damage. Hence hefty things like axes are given more attack dice to reflect the 'oomph' of a hit by them.
6.Damage comes in Bashing, Lethal and Aggravated.
7.Anyone including normal people and animals can soak Bashing.
8.Supernatural creatures can soak Lethal.
9.Supernatural creatures can soak Aggravated UNLESS it is from something that they are vulnerable to. e.g. silver for werewolves.
10.Damage UPGRADES to the next level if you run out of hit point boxes to check off. So if you have taken 7 Bashing and get another 1 point of Bashing, the first point on the track turns to Lethal. If the track is full of Lethal another point will turn a Lethal to Aggravated.
11.People with a full Lethal track are automatically unconscious and bleeding to death, etc. Werewolves can regenerate faster than the speed this happens, so don't need to worry about bleeding to death...
12.The dice penalties on the Health track don't count until the corresponding damage is Lethal (for normal folk) or Aggravated (for supernatural folks).
13.Every round Werewolves can regenerate 1 point of Bashing a round OR downgrade 1 Lethal to Bashing. You can't regenerate Aggravated.
14.Once per combat you can make a Rage roll to heal some damage (each success = 1 point). You CAN heal Aggravated this way, but (a) you may Frenzy and (b) you'll need to roll on the Battle Scars table to see if you've done yourself permanent damage or got a cool scar.
15.Wound penalties are ignored while in Frenzy.
16.Medicine skill DOES NOT magically give lots of health points back. It gives back 1 point of Bashing or can try to stabilise folk who are dying (first aid), or downgrades 1 point of damage (hospital treatment - surgery, intensive care, etc). Basically the game mechanics reflect the trope of a paramedic fighting for 10 minutes or surgeon fighting for several hours to save someone's life and sometimes failing...
17.The gift Mother's Touch is the magical hit point recovery one. Roll Medicine + Int. Each success = 1 point back (any type).

More rules, based on questions folk have asked!
For hand to hand combat (punch, stab, bite, etc) you roll STRENGTH + appropriate skill.
For ranged and thrown weapons you roll DEXTERITY + appropriate skill.
Defence is the LOWEST of your Wits or Dex. Defence does not count against ranged attacks unless the shooter/archer is almost on top of you. It does count for folk throwing rocks at you.
Best way to avoid getting hit by Firearms is to use Cover or Concealment. However, you will be at penalties to shoot back, because you'll have to pop up to fire, muzzle flash will reveal your location, and so on.
Armour subtracts from the attacker's dice pool to hit.
Pretty much every modifier and situation known to man adds or subtracts from dice pools - that's the core of the system.
Exception... Soak rolls occur after you know how much damage you've taken, instead of reducing the attacker's dice pool.

Botching is very rare. You have to have a dice pool of 0 or less, risk doing a "what the hell" one chance dice roll to try anyway. On a 10 you succeed. On a 1 you botch. You can't botch on ordinary dice rolls.
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