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Fluid initiative

In light of the huge number of ‘hold actions’ which happen every combat (I know the stairs were a special case, but Tim does it pretty much every encounter) and my feeling that you guys want to plan sequential actions (which WoD initiative as it stands is rubbish at), then I’m really strongly considering switching to using the fluid initiative system of Night’s Black Agents.

It works like this:

1. Initiative is rolled as normal, with highest going first. Ties are resolved as normal.
2. Anyone who is surprised goes last.
3. Anyone who arrives late to a fight goes last. They don’t roll initiative, they just slot in after the lowest person in the order.
4. After the fight has started, any PC who takes any action other than fighting (see below for examples) moves immediately to the last position in the ranking order. So if Tom is last on 7, and Ian rips open a door, Ian’s initiative drops to 6. He’ll be on 6 for the rest of the fight.
5. If you hold your action, the place in the order when you act becomes your new initiative. So if Tim goes on 17 but holds his action until 8, he will be going on 8 in every subsequent round.
6. You can hold your action for a whole round (i.e. do nothing). You’ll then go first in the next round, and that will be your new initiative. For instance, if Tim goes first on 17 but Andy holds his action for a whole round, the new order is Andy 18, Tim 17. If two PCs hold their action for the whole round, they’ll dice off to determine who goes first.
7. You can spend a Rage point to Jump In and act at a point earlier than you normally would. Your action has to be an attack. Jumping in is temporary thing, and your initiative goes back to what it was before next round. You can’t Jump In to go later in the round.
8. Rage actions (apart from Jump In) will happen at the end of the round, as usual. I promise to be better in doing those in initiative order.
9. If everyone has piled up at the bottom of the initiative order, we’ll re-roll it.

Fighting vs non-fighting actions

Fighting actions which do not change your initiative order are:
• Any melee or brawl action – punch, bite, stab and so on.
• Movement related to a fisticuffs fight. So if Ian punches Tom then runs across the room to punch Mark, the movement counts as a fighting action.
• Any Gift which is specifically combat related, e.g. Razor Claws.
• Passing on the Stag’s abilities to another pack member (this is instant and doesn’t count as an action).

Actions which WILL change your initiative order:
• Any Gift which is not specifically a combat one, e.g. Create Element, Persuade.
• Throwing a grenade, petrol bomb, etc. You’ve got to pull the pin or light it, so this takes time.
• Any movement associated with ranged weapons. You’ll need to line up your shot after you’ve run across the room.
• Any movement not associated with a fisticuffs attack. For instance, moving to block the doorway, running to grab the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch from the altar.
• Getting things out of backpacks, searching for things to throw at people, and generally doing non-attack stuff, even if it will lead to an attack next action.
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