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Reminder of game mechanics

For shapeshifting and stepping sideways rules, see this earlier post about it.

We're using oWoD Initiative, since your character sheets don't have one of the nWoD attributes (Composure) on them!
1d10 + total number of dots you have in Wits + Alertness.
Tens DO NOT explode.

Dice pool = Attribute + Skill +/- any modifiers. Success on a 7 or above. 10s explode.
• If you don’t have the skill, you are at -3 dice to the roll. (For physical skills, the penalty will sometimes be -1 instead of -3).
• A result of 5 successes or more is a critical (exceptional success).
• If you fail you can (if appropriate) try again next turn at a penalty of -1 die.
• You can spend 1 Willpower to make a Heroic Effort – this gives +3 dice to your pool. You can’t spend more than 1 Willpower on a roll.
• If your dice pool is 0 or less you can still make a chance roll of 1d10 (aka a 'Hail Mary'). A 10 succeeds, anything else fails. 10s explode as normal. You cannot spend Willpower on this!
• If you roll a 1 on a chance roll, it’s a botch (dramatic failure). You don’t botch on any other type of rolls.

So, imagine Mr Example. He has Perception 4, Int 3, Wits 2. With a skill of Computers 0 he rolls: Perception + Computers = 4 + 0 - 3 = 1. He rolls that one dice as normal (success on 7+) and can spend willpower as normal.

But Int + Computers = 3 + 0 - 3 = 0, and Wits + Computers = 2 + 0 - 3 = -1. Mr Example now has a choice:
Option 1: Don't do stuff with Computers
Option 2: Make a chance roll. Only succeed on a 10. Risk botching. (Ian's character has bought a Merit to negate/reroll botches).

Contested actions
Both contestants roll their dice. The one with the most successes wins.
If there is no winner on an instant contest, it continues next turn.

Extended actions
You make several rolls over a period of game time, with the aim of collecting a stated number of successes.

Extended contested action
Both contestants are trying to accumulate a stated number of successes. The first to reach the total wins.

• Decide who is the primary actor. Work out their dice pool. DO NOT ROLL YET!
• Each person who is helping rolls their own dice pool. Each success they roll adds +1 die to the primary’s dice pool.
• If a helper botches, then the primary is at -4 to their dice pool.
• Primary then rolls their dice pool as normal.
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