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Getting points back

And since no-one can ever remember this either...

Regain Rage when:
• 1 point when you first see the Moon at night.
• After a botched roll.
• Following a humiliating experience.
• At the first turn of a confrontational situation.
• At the start of a new scenario, roll 1d10.

Refresh Gnosis by:
• Meditation for at least an hour. Roll Wits + Enigmas. Get 1 Gnosis back for every success BUT you can only get a maximum equal to the number of hours spent meditating. If you do this more than once a week, you are at -1 die per additional time you meditate.
• Bargain with a spirit and get some of its Gnosis in return for a favour. You need to be able to talk to it!
• Taking part in a Scared Hunt at a Moot – full refresh to full.
• At the start of a new scenario, roll Charisma + Enigmas. Get 1 Gnosis back for every success.

Refresh Willpower by:
• 1 point back for a night’s rest or other chance to recuperate.
• Get some points back when the GM rules that you have achieved some special success during the story which could boost your self-confidence.
• At the GM’s discretion, get some points back when you roleplay fulfilling some aspect of your auspice.
• Get all Willpower back at the end of a scenario (not a session).

1 point of bashing per round. Or downgrade 1 lethal to bashing. So you'll get back all lethal and bashing in a minute or two.
1 point of aggravated per day, unless special rules apply to that particular wound (e.g. contaminated with weird Wyrm toxins).
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